Your children have the right to know that something besides pop music exists.

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Dungeons & Dragons Saved My Life


Jon Michaud on the “significantly underappreciated” benefits of Dungeons & Dragons:

“Though its detractors see the game as a gateway to various forms of delinquency, I would argue that the reverse is true. For countless players, Dungeons & Dragons redirected…


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Found out, finally, that I can’t easily follow comprehensive tutorials that include the whole specs of a language but I’m best with smaller, get-started-in-x-minutes tutorials and then working on a project to put into practice what I’ve learned.

And, I fucking hate video tutorials. Let me read FFS!

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This is an API for the world cup that scrapes current match results and outputs match data as JSON. No guarantees are made as to its accuracy, but we will do our best to keep it up to date.

World Cup…in JSON (via napolux)

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Lessons learned


. Bathing isn’t optional

. No matter how much you clean after yourself, if there’s hair on the floor it is yours. This is especially true after shaving

. There is no such thing as too many couch pillows

. Pizza is not breakfast

. Cold pizza IS NOT breakfast

. Coke and m&m’s isn’t a valid form of food

. Courtains must exist in every room

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The meaning of ‘Ulysses’ was always bound up with buying it, owning it, and showing it off, actions that assert the primacy of pleasure—the moral right to experience it—over sanctimony.

Dan Chiasson on Bloomsday and James Joyce’s most celebrated work: (via newyorker)

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You do the most amazing discoveries when on a hurry to drink something and not willing to settle for tried drinks. Yesterday I wanted to have a drink with Orgeat but had just a couple of minutes between World Cup matches. So I quickly concocted this:

No shaking, just build in a rocks glass over cubed ice. Stir a bit afterwards or the orgeat will stay on the bottom.

Amazing drink. Try it. The Gin makes for the “dry” flavour, Orgeat is the “sweet” and Soda gives some bubbles that in the hot summer afternoons are always appreciated. I suspect it would be even better with 1/2cl of Lime juice.

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Mixology Test: Screaming Orgasm

Shitty drink, if you want my honest opinion. Besides Vodka every ingredient is sweet and there are 4 of them. Way. Too. Many. Kahlua disappears beneath the Amaretto (I only use Di Saronno) and Baileys is basically a double for the milk and the vodka.

What I’m gonna try next time is:

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Mixology Test: Mojito

Actually, as you can see, it was a darker shade of Mojito in a wine glass instead of a highball because I don’t have one as big as I’d like. I used lemons instead of lime and dark rum instead of light. Main things noticed:

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